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Boat Repair Shop


The idea 
My inspiration for this design comes from the picturesque seafront villages around the world. The buildings are a bit old and rustic looking. Tourists visit to take authentic pictures, as the old fishing men go about their business. Together with the Old Fishing Store and the other designs, the Boat Repair Shop form a charming Sea Front Village.


With the Boat Repair Shop I tried to create the scene of a rustic boat repair shop in the Sea Front Village. The Boat Repair Shop is an important part of fishing life. With lots of minfigs and accessories, a team of technicians and their equipment is presented for the most trusted boat repair shop in the Sea Front Village.


In the Sea Front Village the colors are important. Individually the Boat Repair Shop is a cute building. Together with the other designs it forms a colorful boardwalk. The Boat Repair Shop is built with a majority of the colors olive, reddish brown and tan, which gives it a realistic feeling. It is built on tan plates, forming the sandy area where the sea meets the beach. The foundation is raised for the working floor to stay dry. The walls have a siding technique for the clapboards. 

Two big doors form the entrance to the workshop. There’s a deck going around the building and a crane dock area. The crane dock area has bricks with tiles as flooring, with train tracks as guide rails for lifting boats up the ramp. 


The building has two separate roofs that can be opened to show the inside of the shop.  There is a skilled team of 2 technicians, 1 lady with an oar, and the old fishing man.  


The building consists of  2636 parts and can be built by the more experienced Lego builder.


I hope you like this design of the Boat Repair Shop. 

Boat Repair Shop Instructions (PDF)

Productcode: 20220001
€ 15,50Prijs
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