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Boat House Diner

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Boat House Diner

My inspiration for this design comes from the picturesque seafront villages around the world. The buildings are a bit old and rustic looking. Tourists come to take authentic pictures, as the old fishing men go about their business. Together with the Old Fishing Store and the other designs, the Boat House Diner form a charming Sea Front Village. 

So if you're looking for a nice dinner with lots of sea food in the Sea Front Village you've found the right place. With a French chef, and his trusty waiter has become one of the most famous restaurants in Sea Front Village.

Our go-to spot for seafood, The Boat House Diner classic. For a more refined experience, sit in the dining room, overlooking the dock, cracking open crab claws and dunking lobster tails in butter. The menu also includes a terrific lobster roll. Pair your seafood feast with a local beverage.

I made different sketches and when I had the right concept drawn I transferred it Lego Digital Designer (LDD), where I could change the colors that I wanted. And in time the creation started shaping and the right color scheme that I wanted.

The Build

The Boat House Diner is built with a majority of tan colors that gives it a realistic feeling. It is build on tan plates. From the tan base plates the walls are raised for the diner and lookout. The Diner is build on the remains of an old schooner where the bow still remains where its stranded on the rocks. The bow is build with different techniques.

The Boat House Diner has two dining rooms, one down stairs and one upstairs. The ground floor has two hinged doors in the rear to access the lower dining area. The first floor can be raised for access. The lower dinner seats 8 persons. There is a staircase to reach the second dining room that seats 6 persons and the kitchen. The roof can be removed to access the upper diner and kitchen. The kitchen has all the appliances that a cook needs and the diner area’s consist of black and white tiles. The kitchen also has black and white floor tiles and the walls are tan colors. The windows are white with reddish brown panes. And the roof is the color black. On the outside wall there is a Chaenomeles plant that is a genus of three species of deciduous spiny shrubs, usually 1–3 meters tall.

There are 3 guests, a waiter and a French cook. For now.

The building consists of roughly 2488 parts and a size off 40.8 x 23.9 x 31.4 cm or 16,1 x 9,4 x 12,4 inch.

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