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Knife & scissors-grinder
May’s Carpentry Shop

Knife & scissor grinder (scharensliep)

there was some people who rode around with this kind off carts sharpening knives and grinding scissors and even mending umbrellas.


The kids loved to watch as he rotated the big sand wheel, magically sharpening utensils.


The building consists of roughly 306 parts And ther are some options like a canape or a base the base consist of 71 parts. And a lot of details.

It includes:







The Carpentry Shop is run by May. She is a very professional skilled woodworker and has a good eye for the details. The building has always been in the family, as a woodshop. May and her workers have created some of the most impressive furniture. They also do construction work.


I have build this model in Studio.

The build consists of roughly 2060 parts. It has two floors and a porch, a storage area, an office and a working area.

The main colors for the building are white, and dark blue for the windows.


It includes

May and her 4 workers (minifigures)

Woodworking machines

Hand tools

And a lot more details.

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